Expansion Joints

EKKAF is the sole supplier of AGOM expansion joints in Greece.

Throughout the years, we have supplied and installed more than 15.000 meters of bridge expansion joints of various types, dimensions, load capacity & movement capacity. Our joints have been placed on large quantities on all new Greek Highways, such as the new Athens-Thessaloniki highway, the Korinthos-Patra highway, the E65 Roadway, Ionia Odos western highway, Egnatia Road and man more.

The main expansion joint types are:

  1. Elastomeric Expansion Joints for highways & railways (AGFLEXJ type)
  2. Finger Expansion Joints (AGFJ type, cantilever/toothed)
  3. Buried Expansion Joints  (AGJS type)

We can provide every Contractor with the best possible solution of expansion joints taking into consideration the design, the current Greek and European Regulation as well as our experience on that matter.

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