Quality Policy

The overall operation of EKKAF SA is governed by the principles set out in the Quality Management System. The Quality System is based on the requirements and specifications set by the international standard ISO 9001: 2015.
The basic philosophy and goal of the Company, through the implementation of the quality system, is to satisfy the needs of the customer.
The main objectives of the Quality System are:

  • Implementation of projects and production of products according to the needs and requirements of our clients.
  • Satisfying all legal and regulatory requirements related to the company’s activities.
  • The full coverage of the company’s obligations as defined by the relevant contracts / agreements with customers.
  • Continuous monitoring and control of the projects implemented during all phases until its completion.
  • The continuous improvement of the operation of the quality system implemented by the company in order to increase the satisfaction of its customers.

The achievement of the above is determined through the main quality system processes, which define actions such as:

  • The systematic monitoring of the efficiency and appropriateness of the system, through annual management reviews, internal audits etc.
  • Ensuring the resources needed to operate the system effectively.
  • Assessing threats and opportunities for improvement
  • The clear definition of customer requirements.
  • Continuous monitoring of suppliers’ performance.
  • Continuous training and staff training.
  • Documented and continuous monitoring and measurement of customer satisfaction.
  • Documented search for causes of problems and weaknesses in order to identify and implement the necessary corrective and / or preventive actions to prevent them from recurring.

The overall application of the principles of the system is ensured through continuous information and training of staff at all levels, with the main aim of creating the relevant awareness of the objectives and philosophy of the system.




Certified with EN ISO 9001:2008

Certified with EN ISO 9001:2008